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Blemished Two Pack Tunnel Rack - Black

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This blemished tunnel rack is the result of the powder coating not going all the way around the eye because of the hanging hook.  As a result, these racks have minor fish eyes like the one pictured below.  Most racks you can not see the fish eye once the rods are installed, but unfortunately this does not meet our standards, and is sold as distressed.  As always, any questions about this product, please give us a shout.

For those wondering, this is the full kit, all hardware and instructions included, plus a bonus fish eye on the powder coating.

Frankensled’s two pack tunnel racks are designed with function first and good looks a close second.  Our racks are stamped from 1/8” aluminum, and are sand blasted, acid etched, and powder coated.  4 - 7/16” aluminum rods are attached to create a platform that holds either two 1¼ gallon (5 litres) gas cans or our Mountain Dry Bag.  In addition to our complementing gear, our racks are designed to accommodate standard 1” webbing, or standard tarp straps to secure gear to the rack.  Our rack keeps your gear off the tunnel allowing the sled’s heat exchanger to dissipate unwanted engine heat through the top of the tunnel while keeping your sled’s tunnel looking like new. 

 Our racks are universally mounted by 4 carriage bolts.  Installation on a new Polaris involves sliding the carriage bolts into the tunnel track, while Skidoo's and Arctic Cats installation involves drilling 4 holes and tightening up the supplied hardware. All hardware and drill bit is included. the only tools needed for installation are a drill (any sled without the sliding slot system) and a 7/16“ wrench.  Installation time about 10 minutes.