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12' Ratchet Strap

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Frankensled has worked closely with our supplier to develop our own unique ratchet strap.  While there are many different types and styles on the market, we developed ours to provide a safe product that is well designed.  Some provinces and states have administered legislation stating that all ratchet straps must have safety clips on both ends.  These safety clips ensure that if the strap slacks off during the haul, they don’t fall off.  Our hooks have a safety latch and they also fit over 1 3/8” tubing.  Users are able to place the hook over the handlebars of most bikes and snowmobiles while still latching closed.


Ever use a ratchet strap and wonder what you should do with the long tail left over?  We have that covered as well.  We have designed a Velcro system that secures the excess strap when not utilized.  This way we can provide a longer strap for more versatility, while taking care of the excess that normally is unsecured.  With 1760 lb break strength, 12 feet of webbing to utilize, safety clips to prevent the hooks from falling off, a rubber covered handle, and a Velcro system that secures excess strap, how could you go wrong?

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