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Pocket Flare

Pocket Flare - Audible Signal Kit ("Bear Bangers")

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Pocket Flares are amazingly small but pack a big punch.  It is a must for everyone who quads or dirt bikes in heavy bear country.  Our audible signals fly about 100 feet then explode to make a “shotgun blast” sound.  Many hikers and outdoors-men call these units bear bangers as they are very effective against scaring bears off if they are in the area or following you at a distance.  Although this is true, we like to see the much bigger picture as to their use.  For us, not only does it ward off bears, but one fired straight up gets high enough and is loud enough to alert others when separated or stranded.

Our signal kits are made with safety and reliability in mind.  Our waterproof carrying case includes a pen style launcher, four bangers/audible signals, and instructions. Need to carry the case externally?  Our hard case can clip onto your belt via the large belt clip, or be attached to your gear by the included carabineer.

Looking to refill the kit?  We offer that too.

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