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Frontiersman Bear Spray Combo Pack

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Looking for things to be sold the way you use them, well here you go.  You are looking at the strongest bear spray allowed in Canada (1%), non flammable, 225g bottle, glow in the dark safety wedge, plus a sexy holster to boot (you choose the color). 

OK, you’re looking for bear spray and not sure where to begin.  We offer two types, and the most common question is “What is the difference?”   Simple.  Both are made by the same manufacturer.  One has a orange safety wedge, this product has a glow in the dark safety wedge.  Sorry folks, but that’s it.  Both have the highest Capsaicin level allowed, both have the same discharge rate, distance and time.  Both are manufactured by the same company.    If you what to learn a bit more, let’s cut the fancy numbers and just talk about what you need to know. 

1 – Strength.  What makes the bear spray such a good deterrent is the amount of Capsaicin (the “pepper”) in the spray.  The two brands that we carry are from the same manufacturer, and carry the maximum amount of Capsaicin allowed in Canada.  There is a term used to describe the amount of total pepper in the product, and that is called the “major Capsaicinoids” content.  Even in the USA where they can sell a stronger “Capsaicin” content, the “major capsaicinoids” in the extra strength version still equal the same amount as the 1% sold in Canada.  So when companies say “Extra Strength” in the USA, they are talking about a higher "Capsaicinoid" content, however, same "major capsaicinoids" content.  We will let you come to your own conclusion on that.

2 – Reliability.  Both brands that we offer (Sabre and Frontiersman) are manufactured by Security Equipment Corporation down in Colorado.  To date, they are the only company that ISO compliant and HPLC guaranteed.  If you have ever been involved in a company that is ISO (International Standards Organization) compliant, you will know it is a big pain.  So the question is, why do it?  Easy, they have made it their mission to make the best and most consistent product on the market.  How do you PROVE this consistency… become ISO compliant. 

3- Non flammable.  Both our bear sprays are non flammable.  Imagine you are sitting around camp fire, steaks on the BBQ, and Mr. Bear comes for a visit.  Imagine you need your bear spray and spray a nine meter (30 feet) cloud of flammable bear spray around your campsite and fire (or BBQ).  Should we say more?  When the products have the same content and you are offered the choice, non-flammable is just smart. 

If you are looking for just the nitty gritty details, here goes:


  • 1% Capsaicin (1.84% major capsaicinoids) - strongest formula allowed in Canada
  • Effective range:  9 meter range (better coverage due to heavy fog spray pattern)
  • Spray time:  5.6 seconds
  • Glow in the dark safety wedge
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients 
  • Will not cause permanent damage to the animal 
  • Non-Flammable formula
  • Dual propellent system reliable to -15°C
  • Weight: 0.31kg (0.86lbs)
  • Canister size: Height- 21.59cm (8.5") Diameter- 5.08cm (2")
  • 3 year shelf life
  • Backed by ISO 9001:2008 Certification and HPLC Guarantee to ensure high quality and heat consistency

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