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Safety Webbing - Sold By The Foot

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Looking to MacGyver something in the back country, here is where you start!  This webbing is described as a heavy polyester core with polypropylene outer wrap.  What does this mean to you, it means that it is light weight (.31 ounces (8.72 grams) per foot), holds knots really well, and has a break strength of 1,000 lbs.  Yup, 1,000 lbs break strength.  This webbing will easily fold into a bundle and fit into your back pack.  We sell it by the foot, so if you are thinking of using it as a tow strap, we would suggest about 20' as a minimum (a simple knot could use up at least 12-18" depending on the type of knot you use).  We have been very successful pulling many sleds out of the bush with it, mending a-arms, holding sled's together and many other creative rescues.  Displayed is a 25' bundle secured with rubber bands as an example of how we carry it.  Comes in yellow for easy visibility.

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